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Covid-19 and the European Data and Computational Journalism Conference

You’ve probably seen the news by now that we’ve had to postpone the European Data and Computational Journalism Conference due to Covid-19. I would have posted earlier, but an upgrade and site rebuild means I haven’t done much posting here for a while.

Data Police location issues

I’ve just working on a couple of tutorials using data from - the first using the csv download method and the second using an API call using the httr package.

Data Journalism in Malaga

A video of the conference

When a tech company pulls the plug on your story

Every time a free tool goes freemium or a platform closes because it can’t make money, we’ve got an issue. What’s going to happen to the stories that tool feeds?

The First Commit of History: Visualising News on a Deadline

How do you deal with statistical uncertainty when you're up against the clock?

Now we are three: A perspective on Computational and Data Journalism Education

Key findings from the process of designing a new joint-honours Master’s degree combining Computer Science and Journalism.

21st Century Journalism Handbook

The 21st Century Journalism Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the core principles and practices essential to the modern journalist.